Monday, February 1, 2010

Muslims Are Guilty Before Even Being Charged!

Muslims Are Guilty Before Even Being Charged!

Sheikh Haron was created to challenge the trial by media. Premier Nathan Rees was dedicated to expose opportunist and lynch mob politicians. The Zionised Media Circus is further evidence to point out the existence of modern day Joseph Goebbels right here, right now in Australia and the suffocation of truth in the media.

I hope Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will tell us why the neo-cons (mainly Zio-Nazis) managed to force us to fight other people’s war outside Australia. I also would like to know, why, there were no proper debates or discussion inside or outside parliament before invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq? Why did they emotionally blackmail us prior to and after those un-winnable Israel centric wars?

Hang On What’s Going On? and Sheikh Haron Conspiracy are a nice twist. Do You Like to Expose Shiekh Haron Conspiracy is from another dimension. Sheikh Haron, Double Standard and Hypocrisy and The Most Wanted Man in Australia! are self explanatory! Sabotaged

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