Saturday, August 16, 2008

Americans must be freed from Zionist slavery.

Americans must be freed from Zionist slavery.

I reserve my right to criticise anyone at anytime and I won’t be dictated by sick people who love to bend over for Israel and Zionism. Because practices and believes mentioned above are inconsistent with American Constitution and Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Preventing anyone from fair and constructive criticism and discussion ought to be a crime against humanity, democracy and free speech. Historically speaking Adolph Hitler, Israelis/”Jews”/Zionists are lovers of such a disgusting practice. Yahoo should not have to be involved with crime against humanity, democracy and free speech to satisfy Israelis/”Jews”/Zionists.

No one can deny the facts:
Israelis control America,
Iraq Was Invaded to Secure Israel,
Iraq pullout would hurt Israel,
A list of UN Resolutions against "Israel",
Georgia War a Neocon Election Ploy?,
Georgia and Zionist/Jewish/Israeli Conspiracy and
Wake Up America

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